Picking Speakers

Like displays there are several options you have when it comes to sound for your arcade machine. I chose to use the speakers that were built into my 27” Panasonic TV. I had an adapter with two female (white and red cables were plugged in from TV) and one male connector (plugged into audio port on PC) that I used to make this work. I am pretty happy with the quality of the sound, volume is easily changed via a remote or on the TV and it was quite easy to do.

If you didn’t use a TV as your display or would like to use a different type of speaker then you can do this in basically two different ways.


  • PC Speakers – PC speakers are the easiest to connect to your computer. However if you mount them overhead you may need to extend the wire. Most PC speakers come with a built-in amplifier so you don’t need to worry about powering them up, but do make sure the power button is set to on before mounting them in your cabinet.
  • Car Stereo/ Home Speakers – When using these types of speakers you need to supply power through an amplifier. To accomplish this many people have successfully hacked a PC speaker and used it’s amplifier with these speakers. Spy did it in his arcade project.



One of the most popular places to mount arcade speakers is overhead where the marquee generally is located. To do this simply take your speakers apart, cut a hole that allows your speaker to sink in (and can still have its edges secured to the overhead panel) and then secure it in place.

If you don’t want to take your speakers apart then using blocks of wood or long screws (not screwed in all the way) create a nest around the speakers to prevent them from moving around in your cabinet.


While we are on the topic of sound, another thing you may want to look into is turning your arcade machine into a jukebox. Check out the jukebox examples at BYOAC.

Once you have picked out and installed your speakers you may want to consider adding some extra controls (Guns, Wheels and Flight Yokes).